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Welcome to Population Balance!

Population Balance is a game created for the Ludum Dare 49 game jam hosted between October 1 and October 4, 2021. The theme for this jam is "unstable".

In the game, players try to balance a town's unstable population through the elections of new mayors. Some mayors may bring a lot of people in, but some may drive a lot of people out.

There's really not much else to the game.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Oct 04, 2021
AuthorEliot Chase
TagsLudum Dare 49
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Population Balance 1.0.1 2 kB
Population Balance (source code) 3 kB

Install instructions

To play this game, the latest version of Java Standard Edition (Java SE) is required and can be downloaded here.

Once Java SE is installed and the file is downloaded, open the command line, navigate to where the game's files are located, and run java -jar LudumDare49.

Development log

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